65ml/115ml MR Syringe Product Number: 200102

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Application: Medrad Spectris&Solaris MR Injector

Standard Configuration: 1-65ml Syringe 1-115ml Syringe 1-2500mm Multi-Channel Coiled Tube 2-Pipette (Spike/Quick Fill Tube)

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Introducing our newest medical accessory, the 65ml/115ml MR Syringe! This innovative injector is designed to work seamlessly with Medrad Spectris and Solaris MR injectors to provide patients with accurate and efficient contrast medium delivery.

The 65ml/115ml MR syringes come standard and include a 65ml and 115ml syringe, a 2500mm multi-channel coiled tube and two pipettes – a tip tube and a fast-fill tube. This combination of features ensures medical professionals have everything they need to manage contrast media with ease and confidence.

Our syringes are made of high-quality materials to ensure durability and safety during use. The syringe barrel is made of non-toxic and biocompatible medical grade plastic, making it ideal for patient use. The plunger rod is made of stainless steel, ensuring it is strong enough to withstand repeated use without bending or breaking.

MR injectors are also designed to ensure the accuracy of contrast media delivery. Clear markings on the syringe barrel allow medical professionals to easily measure the amount of contrast medium they are delivering. The plunger rod design has no dead space, which means minimal waste and no need to overfill the syringe to obtain the desired contrast volume.

Users can easily connect the syringe to the Medrad Spectris & Solaris MR syringe using the included multi-channel coiled tubing. The length of the tube is 2500 mm, which provides sufficient length for medical professionals to use when injecting contrast media into patients.

These two include pipettes, a tip, and a quick-fill tube that allow medical professionals the flexibility to deliver contrast media to patients. Pointed pipettes are great for getting liquids stored in vials or bottles, while quick-fill tubes are great for getting liquids that are pipetted directly from the source or container. Medical professionals can choose which pipette to use based on their preferences and the types of liquids they administer.

In summary, our 65ml/115ml MR syringes are one of the most effective and efficient medical accessories for injecting contrast media into patients. With its high-quality materials, clear markings, no dead space design, and included multi-channel coiled tubing and pipette, medical professionals can be confident they are delivering the right amount of contrast media with minimal waste or mess. We believe our syringes will be valuable assets in your medical practice and help you provide the best care for your patients.

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