200ml CT Syringe Product Number: 100101

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Application: Medrad

  • ①MCT&MCT plus CT Injector
  • ②Vistron CT Injector
  • ③En Vision CT Injector

Standard Configuration: 1-200ml Syringe 1-1800mm Coiled Tube 1-Pipette (Spike/Quick Fill Tube)

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The 200ml CT Syringe is a multifunctional medical device used to inject and withdraw fluids such as contrast media during CT scanning. It is made of high-quality materials that are safe for use in medical procedures and is compatible with the most commonly used contrast media.

The syringe is designed with accuracy and precision in mind, enabling clinicians to administer precise volumes of contrast media, ensuring optimal visualization of targeted anatomy. The syringe is easy to use with a smooth plunger for easy movement and easy control of the flow of liquid.

The 200ml CT Syringe is also manufactured with user safety in mind. The syringe is leak-proof to minimize the risk of accidental contact with liquids during the procedure. Additionally, the plunger can be locked in the fully retracted position, preventing any remaining fluid from being accidentally or intentionally injected. This feature ensures patient safety and allows easy disposal of the syringe after use.

CT injectors are also versatile in terms of compatibility with a range of injection systems, including power and manual injectors. This makes it ideal for medical professionals who need to switch between different injection systems during surgery.

Overall, the 200ml CT Syringe is a high quality, accurate and easy to use medical instrument, essential for CT scanning procedures. It offers exceptional precision, leak-free, safety and versatility, giving medical professionals confidence in their ability to perform procedures accurately and efficiently.

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