200ml CT Syringe Product Number: 100103

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Application: Medrad-S S CT Injector

Standard Configuration: 1-200ml Syringe 1-1800mm Coiled Tube 1-Pipette (Spike/Quick Fill Tube)

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Introducing the 200ml CT Syringe, Product No. 100103, ideal for use with the Medrad-S S CT Syringe. This syringe is an important tool for managing contrast material for imaging procedures.

The 200ml CT Syringe is made of high quality materials to ensure durability and reliability. The syringe barrel is made of clear polycarbonate material to provide a clear view of the contrast medium. It holds up to 200ml of fluid and is compatible with Medrad-S S CT syringes.

The standard delivery includes a 1800 mm coiled tubing for connecting syringes and syringes. The tube is designed to fit securely on the syringe and provide efficient fluid delivery. Additionally, the kit comes with a pipette that can be used as a tip or as a quick-fill tube. This accessory makes filling and priming the syringe efficient and easy.

The use of this syringe increases the accuracy and precision of contrast medium administration while guaranteeing complete patient safety. The syringe has a luer lock mechanism that ensures proper fluid connection in the syringe, providing operator comfort during imaging. The sleek design of this syringe makes it very comfortable to hold and use.

This 200ml CT syringe is compatible with many types of contrast media and can be used in different imaging procedures. It is used in conjunction with the Medrad-S S CT Injector to provide continuous fluid flow for efficient and effective CT contrast imaging.

The Medrad-S S CT Injector offers superior performance in contrast material management in CT imaging. It is known for its reliability, user-friendliness and reduced risk of contamination. It is designed for use with 200ml CT syringes and is widely used in many medical institutions.

This syringe kit can be used in various medical institutions such as hospitals, radiology centers and clinics, etc. It is essential for any invasive medical imaging procedure that requires contrast media.

In conclusion, a 200 mL CT syringe is essential for the use of contrast media during imaging. Its compatibility with Medrad-S S CT syringes and efficient fluid delivery make it an essential device for efficient CT contrast imaging procedures. It is reliable, safe and ensures excellent accuracy and precision when managing contrasting materials. It is an essential tool for any healthcare facility or healthcare professional requiring accurate, efficient and safe contrast media management.

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