150ml DSA Syringe Product Number: 300108

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Application: Medtron Accutron HP-D DSA Syringe

Standard Configuration: 1-150ml Syringe 1-Pipette (Spike/Quick Fill Tube)

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Introducing the 150ml DSA Syringe, the perfect solution for dental procedures using the Medtron Accutron HP-D DSA Syringe. This product is specifically designed to meet the needs of dentists and dental professionals who require reliable, high-quality syringes to treat their patients.

The 150ml DSA Syringe, Product No. 300108, is a state-of-the-art medical device, engineered with precision and precision. It is manufactured using cutting-edge technology, ensuring the highest quality and reliability of the product. This product is made of medical-grade plastic that is safe for use in dental procedures and is completely latex-free, ensuring it is suitable for patients with latex allergies.

One of the features that makes this product stand out is its standard features. In each package you will find a 150ml syringe and a pipette (tip/quick-fill tube). This configuration is tailored to meet the specific needs of dental professionals who need reliable, efficient syringes that make their work easier and more comfortable.

The 150ml DSA Syringe is designed to be used with the Medtron Accutron HP-D DSA Syringe. This means you can be sure it is compatible with the equipment you are using, making it an ideal choice for any dentist or other medical professional using the Medtron Accutron HP-D DSA Injector. The syringes also feature a see-through design, allowing easy monitoring of fluid levels and ensuring accurate procedure execution.

Another benefit of the 150ml DSA syringe is ease of use. The syringe has an easy-push plunger that makes dispensing the necessary liquid simple. The tip/quick-fill tube makes filling the syringe quick and easy, and it contains a self-sealing valve to prevent unwanted drips and leaks.

Plus, the product name and number are clearly printed on the syringe for easy identification should you need to reorder or refer to product details. In addition, the syringe is lightweight, easy to handle, and can be easily held and manipulated during surgery.

In conclusion, the 150ml DSA Syringe is a must have tool for any dental professional who needs reliable and high quality equipment. It has been engineered to fit the Medtron Accutron HP-D DSA syringe perfectly. Its standard configuration, ease of use and clear design set it apart from other syringes on the market. Ensure your patients receive the best possible dental care by choosing the 150ml DSA Syringe.

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