60ml/60ml MR Syringe Product Number: 200103

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Application: Liebel-Flarsheim Optistar LE, Elite MR Injector

Standard Configuration: 2-60ml Syringe 1-2500mm Multi-Channel Coiled Tube 2-Pipette (Spike/Quick Fill Tube)

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Introducing the 60ml/60ml MR Syringe, Product No. 200103 – the perfect tool for use with the Liebel-Flarsheim Optistar LE or Elite MR Syringes. The syringe comes standard with two 60ml syringes, a 2500mm multi-channel coiled tubing and two pipettes consisting of a tip and fast-fill tube.

Designed with precision and accuracy in mind, this MR syringe combines ease of use with exceptional performance. Its high-quality construction makes it ideal for use in a variety of medical environments, from diagnostic imaging centers to hospitals, clinics, and more.

With this MR syringe, you can depend on reliable, accurate fluid delivery every time. The syringe’s sleek, user-friendly design allows for easy filling and easy dispensing of fluids, making it an essential tool for healthcare providers everywhere.

One of the most notable advantages of this MR injector is its versatility. Not only is it compatible with Liebel-Flarsheim Optistar LE and Elite MR syringes, but it can also be used with a variety of other medical devices. This makes it ideal for healthcare providers who need to use a variety of different devices on the job.

The 60ml/60ml MR Syringe is specifically designed to meet the needs of medical professionals who need to deliver accurate volumes of fluids quickly and easily. Its multi-channel coiled tubing ensures a smooth, uninterrupted flow of liquid, while the pipette ensures easy and accurate filling of syringes even when working under pressure.

Whether you’re delivering contrast, medication, or other fluids, you can depend on this MR syringe to get the job done every time. No matter how complex or demanding the procedure, this syringe is up to the challenge, making it the perfect choice for healthcare providers who need to deliver reliable and accurate results.

So, if you are looking for a high quality MR syringe that provides excellent results, look no further than the 60ml/60ml MR Syringe, product number 200103. With its superior performance, reliability and versatility, it is the perfect choice for healthcare providers everywhere.

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