60ml/60ml MR Syringe Product Number: 200105

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Application: Medtron Accutron MR Injector

Standard Configuration: 2-60ml Syringe 1-2500mm Multi-Channel Coiled Tube 2-Pipette (Spike/Quick Fill Tube)

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Introducing our newest product, the 60ml/60ml MR Syringes, designed for use with the Medtron Accutron MR Syringes. We understand the importance of having high quality and reliable medical equipment, which is why great care has been taken in designing and crafting this syringe to meet the highest industry standards and exceed your expectations in every respect.

This excellent 60ml/60ml MR syringe has the product number 200105, this ensures you have the correct product that works seamlessly with your Medtron Accutron MR syringes. This compatibility means you can use the device without worry and focus on providing the best care for your patients.

One of the key features of this 60ml/60ml MR Syringe is what comes standard with it. The package includes two 60ml syringes and a 2500mm multichannel coiled tubing, ensuring you have enough volumetric capacity, and enough length to deliver the drug via any delivery route. Additionally, it comes with two handy pipettes; tip/quick-fill tubes for easy and convenient dispensing and delivery of medications and other liquids.

Our 60ml/60ml MR Syringes are constructed of the highest quality materials ensuring they are robust enough to withstand the toughest clinical applications. The syringe is equipped with a secure and easy-to-use locking mechanism to keep the contents safe and easy to dispense. Additionally, the body of the syringe is transparent, allowing easy monitoring and measurement of the contents throughout the procedure.

We understand the critical nature of drug delivery, therefore, we have taken every precaution to eliminate any chance of contamination. This is why we use a fully enclosed system, ensuring that there is no risk of air contamination or any other impurities preventing proper handling. Use this syringe for maximum safety for your patients while also providing clear and accurate dose delivery.

Thanks to the easily removable parts, cleaning and maintenance of our 60ml/60ml MR syringes are effortless, so you can be sure of complete sterilization and thus avoid any risk of infection or cross-contamination. The syringe has minimal preparation time and is easily ready for use.

Additionally, our 60ml/60ml MR syringes are relatively lightweight, making them easy to handle and use. It’s also ergonomically designed to ensure maximum comfort and a comfortable grip that helps improve your accuracy and management efficiency.

In conclusion, our 60ml/60ml MR syringes are the perfect choice for any medical procedure requiring the highest level of safety, accuracy and reliability. With a focus on quality and performance above all else, this syringe is an excellent investment that will save you time and effort in administering your injections or any other medical fluid. You can trust our syringes to provide optimal healthcare while minimizing risk to patients and safeguarding your clinical competence.

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